The Petrol Station of the Future – An Emblem of Change

The listed building that houses this former petrol station has made it one of the most attractive facilities of its kind in the German city of Wolfsburg and the surrounding region since 1951 and will continue to do so in the future. The building is now home to the e-Mobility Station, at which Wolfsburg AG has joined forces with Volkswagen to present the electromobility of the future and demonstrate means of renewable energy generation. The “e-Mobility from Volkswagen” exhibition enables visitors to actively explore and discover the topic of electromobility with a variety of selected exhibits.

The e-Mobility Station site covers a total area of 2200 square metres and is able to generate electricity from sunlight, wind and geothermal energy. This electricity is then fed into the public grid and will be used to power a charging station for ‘refuelling’ electric vehicles, e-bikes and pedelecs. This use of innovative technologies will save approximately 12.6 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Using these renewable energy sources enables the former petrol station to retain its original purpose. Come and discover the e-Mobility Station for yourself and find out more about the future of electromobility and energy generation.